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Fantastic podcast

This is my second time listening to these guys, the perfect combination of humor, personal stories, and loads and loads of invaluable information. Read and listened to the series and these guys are still pointing out a few things I never put together. By far my absolute favorite podcast. Thanks Ian Allen and the other one I forget! Pretty sure it’s the big dude who reminds me of perin 😂😂

Intelligent Hosts

I recently found this podcast, and it’s great. I have read the series several times and listened to it a few times also. Our hosts are seeing things in book 1 that I never picked up on. It has been great to learn so much about something that has been a huge part of my life for the past 20 years. I look forward to the next 14 books

The wheel plays reeds.

One of the best TWoT podcasts there is. Honest, mostly humble; and engaging. I'd give 4 stars because there is always room for improvement, most of the time; but I don't see much possible improvement from my limited mind. Giggity

Keep on trucking

Great podcast guys, I can’t believe the restraint you have to slowly plug away. You are getting close to the halfway mark!

North Dakota

I just started reading The Wheel of Time and have been listening to this podcast after I complete the chapters. I’m only on episode 4 and I wanted to give a shout out because I’m from North Dakota and I was laughing hearing that no one lives here because it’s so true 😂. I’m sure you’ve grown and have other ND listeners no doubt thanks for a good companion podcast to the book for a first time reader of the series.

You guys keep me company while I work

I am also a first time reader and currently in fires of heaven. I truly enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm you guys portray on this podcast. I work remotely, so you guys are good company when I’m coding or analyzing data. Cheers! Call me Nadia Sedai- Red Ajah 😅

RAFO, boys!

If you want to work you your way through WoT again- this time by hearing two newcomers to the series summarize the chapters and make predictions (sometimes wildly inaccurate, sometimes scarily dead-on, the whole time being guided by a long-time reader) this is the WoT podcast for you! There are occasionally editing issues with sound, but it’s worth pushing through those parts. Outside of the witty banter and the chemistry between the hosts, you’ll enjoy experiencing WoT a different way- and likely yelling RAFO throughout. Good times!

Entertaining and ridiculous

These guys have committed to the most agonizingly slow process of reading WoT and I enjoy their hilarious theories and rabbit trails as they make their way to Tarmon Gaidon

Hilariously fun romp through the wheel of time

Love this podcast is hilarious and I love every episode filled with surprisingly insightful though, and some really bad guesses

Sure enjoy it

Have read the series multiple times and really enjoy hearing the thoughts and excitement of first time readers. Keep up the great work guys.

Huge WoT fan!!!

A few episodes in and I’m loving this. I’ve read the books a bunch and am seriously looking forward to hearing the hosts outlook and the first timers reaction to each chapter/section!!!

Awesome Podcast!!!

This is exactly the type of podcast I was looking for. I am reading the series for the first time and it’s awesome to hear the thoughts of first time readers along with the guidance of a seasoned WOT reader. Also, I love the WOT trivia. I am currently on book 4, so I’ll be waiting for you guys to catch up so I can read along with the podcast. Great job guys.

Great to listen to while going through the series

I am reading through this series for the first time and really enjoy the spoiler free aspect of this podcast. It’s a great companion to the books!

Time to Roll the Dice🎲

I really enjoy your show! Thanks so much for the “age of legends” and the breaking discussion. I have listened to WOT at least 3 times. My first listen was a year or two before “A memory of Light” came out. That wait was bad enough for Me, so I can’t imagine the waiting for several new books before that last one. I will be starting a 4th go round soon. (I truly hate Faile and Gowan, ugh I just can’t stand them👎🏾🤬). I was trying to wait until they announced a premiere date for the show, to start my next re-listen; but after listening to you all and the refreshing ideas you made me think about, my time table is changing. Thank You all for what You do😊

Great WOT podcast and read-along!

Hi guys! I finally began to tackle the WOT book series and I’m so excited I found this podcast at the same time. I’m loving the story and enjoy listening to your analysis. Keep up the great work!

I am from Kansas!!!

I am 12 years old and have read the Wheel Of Time two times now. What I love about your podcast is it’s funny and I love hearing some of your predictions ( if they are true or not). Thanks for the very enjoyable experience!

Good Wheel of Time Content

I'm enjoying this readthrough and the insights by the panel. Strikes a good balance a few smart first-time readers and a skilled interviewer who is familiar with the story. Good times and provokes good discussion.