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Alan guides Ian and Chris through their first Wheel of Time read through.  Join us for mostly weekly episodes as we make our way through this epic series.  Most episodes cover two or three chapters at a time and are usually full of fun tangents and crazy antics.  Enjoy!

About the Hosts

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Alan first read Wheel of Time over ten years ago while on a sailboat adventure. He lives in Virginia, USA and spends free time with family, sailing, and mostly working on the podcast and YouTube.

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Ian is also from Virginia. Ian and Alan met in high school where they both sailed together and have continued to in their adult life. Currently Ian kinda resides in Richmond, VA but is also in the US Army and is wherever they send him! Ian enjoys everything a honey badger would!

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Chris is our Loial or Perrin. The gentle giant. When I say giant I mean he is huge! But as friendly as can be! He currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina but is from Virginia as well! He and his fiance Chanel are both fantasy lovers and avid readers! Also don't let Chris's brawn fool you, he has quite the brain as well, so grab your floaties if you plan on having a conversation because its going to get deep!